Many people go to great lengths to avoid or prevent accidents on highways, which is good. However, you should also be careful with parking lots because lots of accidents happen in parking areas too. Parking lot accidents usually don't lead to serious injuries, but even the minor injuries and damages should be avoided. Here are tips that increase safety in parking lots:

Avoid Parking Beside Large Vehicles

If you have a choice, don't park beside a large vehicle, such as a big van or truck, if you are driving a conventional sedan. This is because the big vehicle will obstruct your view while exiting the parking spot, increasing your risk of hitting another person.

Park Away from Other Cars

If the parking lot isn't full, don't squeeze your ride between the cars that are already there; park slightly away from them. This reduces the risk that you will hit any of them or they will hit you.

Park in the Middle of Allotted Spaces

Double parking is bad, but parking too close to the edge of the allotted space isn't good either. The closer you are to the edge, the higher the likelihood that you can hit other cars while exiting the space. Do this even if the adjacent spaces are empty because someone may park (and hit your car) after you leave.

Face the Correct Direction on the Street

Parking on the street isn't safe, but if you have to do it, make sure other motorists can see your car. This means you should park facing the correct direction so that the taillights can easily be illuminated by passing vehicles. This increases visibility and reduces the risk of a crash.

Look for Obstacles before Driving Off

When you come back to the car, circle it and look for obstacles before driving off. Toys, pets, kids and other obstructions may be around your vehicle. Don't assume that it is safe to drive off just because the space to the rear of the car is clear.

Hopefully, you won't experience any accident in a parking lot, or anywhere else. If you do get involved in one, remember to exchange contact information with the other party just as you would for an accident anywhere else. The police may not come to the scene, especially if the accident is minor and doesn't involve serious injuries. However, the management or the security officers responsible for the parking lot can take your statements and offer you any assistance necessary.

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