If you have suffered through a catastrophe and have major damage to your home, filing an insurance claim should be done as soon as possible. Right after you file the claim, you may want to consider hiring a public insurance adjuster from a company like Dallmer Adjusters Inc. Sure, the insurance company will have someone come to your home and talk with you about the loss, but he or she is an employee of the insurance company. Here are a few advantages to having a second adjuster who is working for you.

Someone on Your Side

When you have major losses to your home, your emotional state can be just as damaged. You may need to find someplace to live while your home is being repaired, your daily life may be upset as you and your family try to get by without your home, clothes, and other important belongings and items that can never be replaced. As if this isn't enough stress, you will also have to deal with the insurance company's adjuster. He or she will come around and call to ask all kinds of questions about your belongings and the claim. When you hire your own adjuster, you can sit down with him or her once and go over all you have lost. This person will listen to your concerns. He or she will then take on the task of dealing with the company adjuster so you do not have to.

Bigger Settlement

This is not to say that the insurance company's adjuster won't be fair. However, they may tend to be on the low side of fair. They work for the insurance company, who, while trying to help you recover your losses, is also in the business to make money. So, if there is a way to save money on an item or repair, the company adjuster will use that amount to help them determine the final settlement amount. However, your own adjuster may realize that while "fair," the item or repair is not quite what you had before. He or she will then discuss this fact with the company and prove that a different solution is needed. It may not be a lot more money, but the difference should get you closer to what you had before.

If you do not want the hassle of dealing with your insurance company and its adjuster and feel you are being nickel and dimed over the repairs and replacements of your home and belongings, a public insurance adjuster is the best way to have the problems resolved. It certainly can't hurt the situation.