When you want a quote for car insurance coverage, you can call a car insurance agent to request one. The agent will probably ask you many questions before giving you a quote, and that is because agents need a lot of information to provide accurate figures. If you want to prepare for this conversation, you might want to know what questions they will ask. Here are some of the questions you should expect the agent to ask when you request a quote.

Where Do You Live?

Agents begin by asking your name and address. They want to know where you live because your address affects your risk level. Your address reveals the safety in the area and the statistical claim rates. You cannot get a quote without providing these basic details.

What Type of Car Do You Have?

Next, the agent will ask you about your vehicle. What is the year, make, and model? What is the VIN? They also cannot give you an estimate if they do not have these details. The type of car you own plays a role in the rates you pay for coverage. Therefore, have this information ready when you make the call.

What Is on Your Driving Record?

While the agent will look up your driver's license number to determine your record, do not be surprised if the agent asks you about your record. Your record is a history of your accidents, tickets, and claims, and these things affect your rates. A clean history results in lower rates, whereas you will pay more if you have a history of claims and tickets.

How Much Do You Normally Drive?

Agents also need to know how much you drive. If you drive a lot, you will pay more for your coverage. If you drive little, you will qualify for a low-mileage discount. Before you call, estimate the number of miles you drive per month.

Do You Have a Lienholder?

The agent will also ask if you have a lienholder. A lienholder is an auto lender that provides a loan for your car. If you have a loan on the vehicle, you have a lienholder. With a loan, you might need more coverage on the car than if you did not have one.

The agent might also ask you about your preferences with coverage and deductibles. If you have questions or concerns about your auto insurance coverage, talk to an agent today.