Auto insurance is mandatory in many states whether you're driving a used or brand-new vehicle. Additionally, you are required to carry proof of it in your car at all times. Due to the unfortunate factor that accidents are unforeseen, failing to have insurance may result in having to deal with expensive repair costs. Here are four top reasons to get car insurance promptly:

Covers Third Party Liability

During an accident, your actions or lack thereof might cause injury to another person or damage their property. If this happens, you may face costly lawsuits. However, with the right insurance coverage, their treatment bills are covered. In addition, your insurance may also cater for the third parties' property or car damage. In so doing, your insurer enables you to avoid dealing with financial losses that could otherwise bankrupt you.

Insures Against Car Damage or Loss

Your vehicle receives protection from loss or damage when you purchase comprehensive auto insurance. For instance, your policy can cover your car in case of theft, accidents, fire, riots, or terrorism. As such, you may file a claim seeking a settlement to replace or repair your car. Moreover, your insurer may cover damage that occurred while your new or used vehicle was in transit.

Medical Payments

You need immediate medical attention if you or your passengers get injured during a crash. In some cases, medical expenses can accumulate if serious injuries are sustained. Consequently, you might be facing costly hospital charges over time. Fortunately, your insurer can help pay these medical bills, and you can also get compensated for lost wages, particularly if you cannot work after the accident due to injuries.

Helps Save Time

When you have reliable insurance, you may not have to spend time negotiating repair expenses with another party. Furthermore, your insurer might take care of the towing charges from the accident scene. Thus, there's no need for you to keep following up on these aspects, and you can instead focus on receiving medical care and your recovery.

Besides this, the insurance company can assist you in calculating the overall damage costs, after which you can file a claim seeking compensation for your losses from the at-fault party.

Auto insurance is helpful in the above ways, and the policy can cover financial damage to your car and that of another party. It may also pay your medical expenses and meet your daily needs after an accident.