Auto insurance is mandated in almost every state, meaning that if you are a licensed driver, you must hold a policy no matter how often you drive. Because of this, it is important to be as informed as possible when it comes to car insurance. Before you speak with an auto insurance broker, take a look below at three of the most important questions you should ask.

What kind of coverage is best for me?

Not all car insurance policies are identical; different policies include coverage for different kinds of events. Collision coverage, for example, only includes damage done to your vehicle, but not damage due to theft or vandalism. To be covered in those instances, you need comprehensive coverage. Personal injury protection extends this coverage to include any lost wages and medical bills that you must pay as the direct result of an accident. Be sure to ask your auto insurance broker which kind of coverage is best for you.

What kind of discounts am I eligible for?  

The initial quotes that you receive from an insurance agent may not reflect the final price you pay. Agents are often more than happy to discuss ways in which you can lower your premium based on relevant factors. These factors may include a record of safe driving over many years or limitations placed on the amount of time or the number of miles you drive. Even the ability to pay your full premium upfront can earn you a substantial discount. If you are a student, a good academic record may do the same. Don't forget to speak with your auto insurance agent about which discounts apply to you.

Can anyone else drive my car?

If your household has one or more other drivers in it, then it is crucial to ask an agent which of these people can operate your vehicle as an insured driver. If you mistakenly assume that everyone is covered, even a minor accident can prove to be financially disastrous. Before you allow someone to borrow your car — even if it is just for an errand to be run around the corner — speak with an agent to confirm when your policy goes into effect, and which drivers are covered by it. While you may need to purchase further coverage for additional drivers, the peace of mind you will have as a result is more than worth it.

For more info, contact a car insurance agent.