SR-22 insurance is a legal requirement for many people. However, you don't have to buy it. If you need it and decide not to buy it, you'll lose your license, but you probably won't go to jail. Most people want to purchase SR-22 insurance to avoid losing their license, but they don't want to spend much on the policy. So, can you buy cheap SR-22 insurance? Continue reading this guide to learn more about buying an affordable policy.

Understand that it's a form

First, you should understand that SR-22 isn't an insurance policy. Instead, it's a document an insurance company issues. This document proves that you have insurance coverage, and they send it to the DMV on your behalf. However, the insurance company also notifies the DMV if your policy ends. Some companies don't offer SR-22 policies, so you might have to shop around. You can start by contacting your current company if you have auto insurance. If they offer SR-22, they'll charge you a fee for the document. But you must keep an insurance policy on your car for the SR-22 to stay active.

You pay more because of your driving record

SR-22 is just a form and not insurance coverage, yet people with SR-22 pay higher rates. Why is this? The reason is that people who need SR-22 insurance have driving records that put them in high-risk categories. A person will need SR-22 insurance after something happens. For example, they'll need it if they get a DUI. A person might also need it if they drive without auto insurance and get caught. People also need SR-22 coverage if they incur a lot of driving violations. Therefore, they pay more for their auto insurance coverage due to their driving records and not just for needing SR-22 insurance.

Shop around for coverage

Thus, you should shop around for SR-22 insurance coverage if you need it. You can talk to several insurance agents to learn about their costs. You might also ask about non-owner SR-22 insurance. You can pay a lower amount for this coverage if you need SR-22 but don't have a vehicle. You can also ask for quotes for full-coverage insurance and liability coverage policies. There is a big difference in costs for these two options.

Call an insurance company

Now that you understand these things about SR-22 insurance, you can call an insurance agent. They'll answer your questions and give you a quote for the coverage you need.