The cost to repair a luxury car's engine or transmission can be quite high. Replacement parts for luxury cars are expensive, and you also may need to find a specialist mechanic who has the expertise necessary to work on imported vehicles. If you can't immediately afford the cost of repairs, you may have trouble finding regular transportation to school and work, which will greatly interfere with your life.

One way that you can protect yourself from high out-of-pocket repair costs is by carrying mechanical breakdown insurance on your car insurance policy. Car insurance won't pay for repairs due to mechanical failure unless you have this form of coverage — it will only pay for repairs due to damage that resulted from a collision. To learn more about this type of insurance and why it's worth buying when you have a luxury vehicle, read on.

What Is Mechanical Breakdown Car Insurance?

Mechanical breakdown insurance takes effect when your car's warranty expires, and it will pay for most of the cost of repairing your car and getting it running again when it has a mechanical failure. It covers components that are expensive to repair like the engine and the transmission, which means this form of coverage can help you avoid needing to pay exorbitant repair costs out of your own pocket if your car breaks down. This coverage also pays for repairs to other components of your car such as your brakes and your suspension.

Note that mechanical breakdown car insurance only covers repairs for sudden mechanical failure. You'll still need to pay for periodic maintenance services like having your brake pads or your timing belt replaced. These are the types of repairs that you have to do periodically in order to keep your car in good condition, and you can find a list of them along with how often to do them in your owner's manual.

Is Mechanical Breakdown Car Insurance Worth Buying When You Own a Luxury Car?

Mechanical breakdown car insurance is typically worth it when you own a luxury car due to the high cost of repairs. Ordering replacement parts might require items to be shipped from overseas, and the parts for a luxury car are usually more expensive than replacement parts for an economy car. The high cost of repairing a luxury car means that it's more likely that you'll have trouble paying the up-front costs of repairing a damaged engine or transmission. Carrying mechanical breakdown insurance will give you protection from paying these high out-of-pocket costs, increasing your peace of mind and making sure that your car can be repaired if it ever breaks down.

In addition, mechanical breakdown coverage is also inexpensive. It doesn't add very much to your monthly premiums to know that you're covered if your car suddenly has a mechanical failure. If you own a luxury car and don't have mechanical breakdown coverage, ask your car insurance agent about adding it to your plan. If your current insurance doesn't offer this form of coverage, shop around for another carrier that does — it helps protect you from being without transportation because you can't afford the cost of getting your car repaired.  

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